The Garden Salon & Spa
"Let Your Beauty Grow With A Human Touch"

30 Minute Target Area Swedish Massage $41

60 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage $69

90 Minute Full Body Swedish Massage $104

Pregnancy Massage
(no additional charge)
Doctor's Consent is often required in first trimester

Aromatherapy $5
(added to any massage listed above)

Foot/Hand $1
(per minute)

Shrink Wrap
(approx 2 hrs) $69
Measurements taken before/after hot herbal solution is absorbed into skin, shrinking your fatty cells before draining into your lymphatic system...Removes toxins and helps you LOSE inches! You will feel lighter and refreshed after this treatment. For best results, follow up by drinking plenty of water afterwards.

*Average of 13 inches lost.
(Bring and extra pair of undergarments)

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