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November, 2014
January, 2019
Charcoal Detox Facials
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Charcoal Detox Facials
Available through February...

Charcoal Is a natural anti-oxidant and helps draw dirt and oils from the skin. This moisturizing deep pore cleanse can help eliminate acne and blackheads, brighten skin, and remove dead skin cells. Good for ALL skin types.

Bonus: You take 2 FREE Charcoal Facial Masks home with you to continue reaping the benefits of this 3-week process, as best results are seen using one mask per week for 3 weeks.

Mini Facial (approx. 30) $43
Harmonizing Facial (approx. 1 hr) $60
Tranquility Facial (approx. 1 hr) $65

(Tranquility is similar to Harmonizing but
includes a relaxing hand/arm massage!)

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